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64 Page Publication //

Publication with self-established content / social and political movements of the 1960s and the effects it had on music.


Process //

Process //

This was an intermediate graphic design I junior level project prompted by professor Tony Brock. Our class was instructed to create a publication with a minimum of sixty-four pages with self generated content and a three week time frame. I chose to design the text from chapter 6 of the book Music and Social Movements by Ron Eyerman and Andrew Jamison. This chapter was dedicated to the time frame of the 1960s-early 1970s; explaining the evolution of rock and roll and it's involvement in many of the social and political movements of the time period.

I took imagery from the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War, rallying and protests of the time, and captured moments from the iconic Woodstock festival. I combined this imagery with experimental ink splatters and hand done typography. This imagery and typography combined with pulled text from the book itself, and lyrics written during this memorable era, came together for this multiple element publication that I named Change.