My name is Alison Robertson and I currently reside in Charlottesville, Va. Don't be fooled, I am not a die hard wahoo fan- I prefer turkey. I graduated from Virginia Tech in May of 2017 with my BFA in Graphic Design.


I like to think that my work speaks for myself, but if you couldn't tell, I dabble in a lot of design types. I think of myself as a very versatile designer. However, my favorite work to do is branding and packaging design. My love for this type of design comes from the process. Brands come from ideas or specific products that need a home (a brand)- and developing a brand and executing the concepts behind it in a way that well presents these concepts and products gets me especially excited.


I try to think in this way with every type of design- whether it be digital or in print; web design or making promotional flyers. I always absorb myself in the process: research, sketching, prototyping…



I am also a strong believer in happy accidents and trial and error while manipulating things by hand. There is something very satisfying about moving pieces around several times and then finally finding the perfect solution, whether it was intentional or not.


I do have other interests besides design…

I love cats- I have one and her name is Stevie after the lovely Stevie Nicks. Sunflowers are my favorite flower, and summer is my favorite season- I hate the cold. I also have an addiction to coffee, but who doesn't?


Check out my resumé to see all the technical junk.