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Senior Capstone //

This senior capstone project was based on the Ted Talk by Amber Case about her studies in "cyborg anthropology."

Process //

Process //

This senior capstone project was prompted by Professor Kathleen Meaney to an advanced vis. comm. II course. We were directed to chose content, define a problem, execute an answer to this problem in our own way. I worked with another classmate of mine by choice, Maddie Richhart, to create some kind of interactive and narrative site to display a bulk of information.

Our problem: people today are too focused on their technology and too focused on doing things quickly and efficiently because technology makes it easy now. We wanted to use technology as a medium for people to slow down and enjoy something other than skimming through. Our solution: to create a design rich website that gives a lot of information to the viewer, but in a way that is enjoyable.


Our chosen content is the transcript from Amber Case's Ted Talk about "cyborg anthropology." This content is displayed through illustrations based on visuals given throughout the talk, and organized with a timeline navigation. Not only is the information displayed in an interesting way, but the actual content of this information is meant to provoke the thoughts of our viewers and make them think about how technology has become such a normal thing in our society.