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Branding & Packaging a product of choice / Tequila / Logo work, bottle packaging, cohesive set of three


This was a project given by Professor Meaghan Dee. The prompt was to chose a food, liquid, or personal care item to create a brand for. I chose tequila- I had never done any sort of packaging work or logo work for a type of alcohol so I took this as my opportunity. After doing extensive research on the history of tequila, the process of agave to bottle, and the hundreds of laws and regulations for tequila, I decided to base my brand and set off of an ancient Aztec story of how tequila came to be. This gave me the name of the Brand- Diosa- as well as the background for each of the three "flavors" in my set.


The color scheme and logo came from the inspiration of Mexican blue tiles. The blue colors also tie back to the fact that only true tequila comes from the blue agave plant. The decision of having three reverse teardrop shapes ties back to the three characters in the Aztec story (two goddesses and one god), and the single drop from the three represents the nectar of the plant that we now know as tequila.


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