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Process //


This was a group app assignment. We decided to create an event and music app to help people in the Blacksburg and surrounding areas organize these events in one place.

This app was created through a group project in a junior level advanced visual communication design class. It was prompted by professor Meaghan Dee. As a class, we were given the assignment to pick three local "problems" that could be solved through an app. We collectively wrote all of these ideas down, and grouped people by similar ideas. Our group decided to create a music and events app for Blacksburg, Va. We wanted to create something that helped organize these types of events in one place, as opposed to just learning about things through facebook groups/posts.

The app got it's name "HOOPLA"  because of it's meaning: excitement surrounding an event or situation, especially when considered to be unnecessary fuss.

I worked heavily on the color scheme for the different categories, and how image could be incorporated with these specific color pops.